Reasons for pre-planning:

  • Put your affairs in order
  • Plan what you want
  • Peace of mind
  • Remove the burden from your family

Reasons for pre-paying:

  • Fix the costs
  • Pay over time
  • Money is 100% escrowed in an account owned by you and your family
  • Remove financial budget from your family
  • It’s Safe
  • It’s Responsible
  • It’s Easy

Print Form: If you prefer, you may print and complete this form (below) and mail to:

Dressler's Jewish Funeral Care
P.O. Box 80647
Atlanta, Georgia 30366

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1. Your Information:

2. Who is this Pre-Arrangement for?

3. Personal Information for whom funeral is being planned





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4. Obituary Information:

Please place obituary in the following newspapers:

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Marietta Daily
Gwinnett Daily Post
Atlanta Jewish Times
No Obituary Needed
Dressler's website (no charge)

You may print my age in an obituary:

I would like to write my own obituary:

5. Cemetery Information:

(Note: we handle funerals anywhere around the country, Israel, and other countries. )

I need help with cemetery plots:

I already own plots:

Do you own a graveliner or vault?:

6. Additional Preferences:


Tahara (Jewish traditional care of the body) Click Here

If no Tahara, dress in clothes?:


What is a SHOMER? Click Here

A Shomer to stay and read:

Charities to which we request donations be made

Note: It is customary that one is wrapped in one’s prayer shawl (tallis) when buried.


Please engage a rabbi to officiate:


Funeral Location:

Non-Traditional or Other Request


Flowers may be sent to funeral

Donations preferred (flowers accepted)

7. Military Preferences:

A copy of the DD214 for the deceased is required for a veteran’s burial

Veteran of US Armed Forces?:

Do you want:

US Flag (if Veteran)
Military Honors
Inter at a VA Cemetery

8. Casket Selection:

View Caskets Here

9. Other Details:

Will you need help with a grave marker/monument?:

Will a passenger limousine (for family) be helpful ?:

Death Certificates:

Certified death certificates are needed for the following:
Social Security (if spouse is living); real estate, automobile, or anything you transfer title to (even if joint ownership); life insurance policy; accounts exclusivley in the deceased name; probate a will; stocks and bonds

My estimate of the number of certified death certificates is:

10. Communication with Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care:

I would like to discuss pre-payment:

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