Organ Donation

HOD Society: Halachic Organ Donation Society:

The mission of the HOD Society is to save lives by encouraging organ donation from Jews to the general population (including non-Jews) by educating them about the different halachic and medical issues concerning organ donation.

URJ: Union of Reform Judaism:
What Does Reform Judaism say?
Reform Judaism has long been an advocate of organ and tissue donation. A 1968 Reform responsum commented that the use of such organs to heal or save a life is in keeping with the Jewish tradition and a positive act of holiness.

USCJ: United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism:
What Does Conservative Judaism say?
The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, affirming the life-giving benefits of organ and tissue donation, has adopted a resolution encouraging all Jews to become enrolled as organ and tissue donors. The resolution further urges that potential donors sign and carry cards or drivers licenses attesting to their commitment of such organs and tissues, upon their death, to those in need.