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Shani Beecham

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  • Danna and Sandy Leff

    Hagit and Brent, Wirds can not express how sorry we are for the loss of beautiful Shani. Holding your family in our hearts during this extremely difficult time.

  • Kate Lackey

    A few years ago, I invited Shani to my beach house for Memorial Day weekend. She and I decided to drive down after work on Thursday, we braved through 5pm Atlanta traffic with Starbucks and true crime podcasts. We had to take a few back roads due to construction, but we finally made it pulling in at 1am. She made the long car ride fun and entertaining by being the best co pilot with the most contagious laugh and crazy crime conspiracies. We had an amazing weekend with our friends soaking up the sun and competing in kids water games at the Ritz Carlton while enjoying adult beverages from the bar. She was a bright light, full of laughter, jokes, morning playlists, and the best stories. She will be missed immensely.

  • Carleen Porter (Tough)

    Shani was an amazing woman, a great friend and always there for me in the highs and low of life. She had such a heart for helping people and animals, thinking of others before herself. Praying for Shani’s family and close friends- we all will miss her light.

  • Leah Lubel

    Shani was the most brilliant, beautiful and thoughtful human being. Any room she walked into would become a thousands times brighter with her smile. I’ll forever treasure our moments together. Her impact on this world will be everlasting. May her memory be blessing.

  • Foreman Family

    Brent, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Chris, Ildiko, and CJ

  • Tim and Wavey Stefl

    Brent, Hagit and family... We're so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you all and sending our love and sincere condolences.

  • Oti Friedlander (Ribak)

    Shani was the most caring, smart, bright and beautiful woman, inside and out. Any room she entered she lit up immediately. I can't get her huge gorgeous smile and giggle out of my head. I was privileged to know her for 16+ years. You will be missed dearly, Shani. Sending so much love and strength to the Beecham family. ??

  • Monroe Heustess

    There aren't enough words to describe how much Shani meant to everyone she met. She brought a light and a spark that is irreplaceable. She lived her life for others. She was one of my best friends, and if there is anything I can do to support the family or her memory please let me know.

  • Pooja Patel

    Shani will be so, so missed. I feel unbelievably lucky to have had Shani as a friend for almost two decades through many stages of life. Sending you all so much love and strength.

  • Kelli bledsoe

    Shani will be remembered for her infectious smile, care for others and ability to always laugh. She is a bright light and I will always cherish our friendship. May her memory always be a blessing.

  • The Shlomi family

    Dear Hagit, Brent, and Beecham family, we were deeply saddened to hear about the loss of your daughter Shani, our heart is with you during these difficult times, sending our deepest condolences and prayers to your family

  • Tamar Sabo

    Dear Hagit and Brent, words cannot describe the pain. I remember Shani with the biggest smile and laugh, especially in tzofim memories and vacations together. May her memory forever be a blessing. So so sorry for your loss. Sending many hugs to you all.

  • Ayelet Chen Alus

    I don't have many words... I'm so sad. I met Shani when she was 4 years old, and I was lucky to spend a long time with the special Beecham family. Love you all always and send a big hug

  • Amir & Smadar Sano

    Dear Hagit & Brent There are not enough words in our world to share our sadness with you . We sending you our love, wish you all the strength you need during this time. We love you

  • Peyton Lingle

    O G?d, full of compassion, Who dwells on high, grant true rest upon the wings of the Shechinah , in the exalted spheres of the holy and pure, who shine as the resplendence of the firmament, to the soul of Shani bat David Avniel v'Hagit Simcha who has gone to her supernal world, may her place of rest be in Gan Eden. Therefore, may the All-Merciful One shelter her with the cover of His wings forever, and bind her soul in the bond of life. The Lord is her heritage; may she rest in her resting-place in peace; and let us say: Amen

  • Darlene and Denny Walsh

    Dear Hagit and Brent, Darlene an I were so saddened to receive the news of Shani’s passing. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. We have fond memories of Shani as a child waiting at the bus stop in the morning and saying hi as we passed her on our walk, and for taking care of our cat and watering plants when we were away. She was a reliable helper and always had a smile on her face. Once again, we are so saddened by this news.

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  • Christopher LINGLE

    Dearest Ones, I am there with you in spirit during these moments of remembrance where we celebrate our love for Shani.

  • Howie Slomka

    I, and everyone who knows your terrific family, are saddened by your huge loss. Know that you can rely on us to give your strength while you heal. May Shani's soul be bound up in the bonds of life and her memory be a blessing forever.

  • Patrick Baranack

    Brent, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this trying time. Pat

  • Idan Tau

    Shani had the biggest smile and the most contagious laugh. She was caring and a friend to all. I am filled with memories of Shani from dancing at her Bat Mitzvah to good times in Tzofim and after. I am so sorry for your loss. Sending my deepest condolences. May her memory forever be a blessing.

  • Tamar Jackson

    I am so sorry about your loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family. ??

  • Hunter & Mathew

    Dear Beecham Family, We are heartbroken to hear of Shani's passing. Shani was a kind soul with an inspiring love for animals and humans, alike. She often sent me videos she found of cute dogs, just because they made her happy and she knew they would make me happy, as well (and they always did). She was a bright light in this world and truly cared for others. We are so sorry for your loss and we are thinking of your family during this time. Hunter & Mathew

  • Ashlynn Massey

    I was a nurse at CHOA and me and Shani bonded on that. We also had friends in the same circle and went to tulum together. We were planning our next travel nursing assignment in August together. She was such a light in my world and always made me belly laugh. I love her forever. ??

  • KC

    Dear Beecham Family, while I never met Shani, Sharon has always spoken about how much she loves her family and how close you are. I cannot imagine your loss, but I will continue to keep your family in my thoughts and in my heart. Wishing you peace in the upcoming days.

  • Kelly Anagnostou

    I had the pleasure of meeting Shani years ago. And she left a lasting impression on me all these years later. Such a beautiful person, inside and out. So smart, funny, and personable. Wishing her family peace and healing during this very difficult time.

  • Sam and Kelley Beloff

    Dear Brent and Hagit - Kelley and I are dumb-struck at this announcement, and our hearts are in pain for your loss. Of all the people we know, the blessings and love all of you have brought others makes this more than horrible. We want you to know we love all of you and are sending love and comfort. Her memory is absolutely a blessing. Love, Sam and Kelley

  • Sarah Beth (Rhiddlehooover) Cliatt

    Brent, I’m so terribly sorry for you and your family’s loss. Steve and I will be thinking of you.

  • Grace Mihelick

    I went to high school with Shani and although we were not especially close, she left a great impression on me. I remember her smiling, always. She remains one of the kindest & loveliest souls I have ever met. Sending love and hugs to her and to all of her loved ones.

  • Shefler Family

    Dear Beecham family, We are deeply saddened by this heartbreaking news. Sending our condolences and prayers. We will always remember Shani’s smile. ?

  • Dr. Mark Nataupsky

    Shani, although I did not know you, I knew your parents. I even performed the "Pidyon HaBen" for your brother. Brent & Hagit, my heart goes out to you forever. I can think of no greater loss than that of a child. I regret that we have been out of touch for a while. Marilyn died on Oct. 16, 2019. We had been married for more than 50 years. She battled ovarian cancer for the last two years of her life. While my grief continues to be great, I cannot begin to imagine your entire family's grief. May her memory be for a blessing.

  • Van der Hoeven Family

    Dear Beecham family, We were saddened beyond words upon hearing the news. Shani will always be remembered by her infectious smiles and her huge and loving heart. Beautiful inside and out. Our thoughts are with your all. In love. ??? ???? ????

  • Nitza and yoni klemantovski

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  • Amnon & Gila Buchnik

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  • Amber Port

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest condolences to you all. I will always remember Shani’s smile, warmth and cherish the memories of growing up together. Sending all my love and prayers

  • Noa and Udi Argaman

    Dear Hagit and Brent, our deepest condolences for you loss! May her memory be a blessing! ??????? ?????? ??????? ?????!!

  • Daniel Kliner

    Shani had the most contagious smile and laughter. We shared many great memories in the Tzofim and for years thereafter. She will be missed by all of us! Sending my sincerest condolences to the Beecham family. ???? ???? ????

  • Randi Laak Wendy Haggerty

    Brent, Hagit, and family Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this troubling time. Our deepest condolences.

  • Anna Mcconchie

    I am in loss for words, I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and sending hugs.

  • Adam Tuval

    While we only met a few times through tzofim- you radiated a different energy. Bubbly and fun, passionate and caring. We would reconnect every once in a while and it was like no time had passed. You are loved and missed by many.

  • Keren & Yossi Ben-Haim

    We are so sorry for your loss and sending our condolences and prayers to the Beecham family. ????? ???? ???? ???? ??? ???? ???? Keren & Yossi Ben-Haim

  • Eti Chauth Astrogano

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  • Bob Raus

    My wife and I are very sorry to hear about your daughter's passing. We wish you peace and will add her and your family to our daily prayers.

  • Rolando Martinez

    Brent, my most sincere condolences to you and your family. Our prayers be with you for strength in these difficult times. May God have her in His glory. Rolando

  • Tomer Adini


  • Gali Deutsch

    Within five minutes of hearing her laugh, I knew Shani and I were going to be the greatest of friends. We met in 10th grade on a Tzofim trip and stayed very close throughout high school and college despite always living in different places. Between countless video calls, prank wars, scavenger hunts and sleepless sleepovers, every moment of our friendship brimmed with giggles and adventure. Shani was an extremely generous, supportive, caring, and vibrant person with a smile that made you smile. Shani, my babushka, you are very loved and missed. My dearest condolences to your family and loved ones. May your memory be a blessing.

  • Julia Schönborn

    Dear Beecham Family, I did my high school year abroad in Roswell and Shani, Nisha & Morgan welcomed me with open arms. They were the nicest girls and made my stay in the US amazing. Shani was the smiliest, nicest girl ever and I admired her so much. I am so thankful for the time I had with here and my heart is broken. You are in my thoughts these days! Love, Julia from Germany (Unfortunately I don't have any photos of this time here)

  • Matatiaho Family

    We are deeply saddened by this heartbreaking news. Sending love to Hagit, Brent and the Beecham family. May her memory stay with us forever

  • Jan Smith

    Our hearts are breaking for you all! On behalf of us RHS Smiths (Erika, Zac, Emily) we extend our deepest sympathy, thoughts, and prayers to the entire family! Eternal rest grant unto her and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul, through the mercy of God, rest in peace!

  • Sapir van der Hoeven

    Shani was such an amazing friend, always there to help and make us all laugh. My heart is broken thinking of life without you. ????? ????? ??? ?????? ?????. ??? ???? ??? ???. ??

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