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Dianne Smolen Kaufman

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  • Francine Lowe

    I met Dianne shortly after her move to Atlanta in 1995 and soon after became her Travel Agent. Oh, how I will miss her... her cute, animated voice, our chats, all the social activities we did together over the years. Parties, dinners, Chastain...our mutual love of Earth Wind and Fire! After my Mother died in 2009, Dianne hosted a dinner for me and my close friends in her home. I will never foget that. It was such a kind gesture. It is a shame that her funeral is not on Zoom since Diannes life has been here in Atlanta for 27 years. I know that most of her friends here that loved her would have wanted to be on the Zoom to honor Dianne and show the love and respect we had for her. Rest in Peace, dear friend.

  • Babs Karesh Kinneary

    I met Dianne in 1995 at a brunch at Corner Cafe in Buckhead. She had just moved to ATL. We instantly became the best of friends. We shared so many great & happy & fun times over the past 27 years! Dianne was a part of my family. She ate many many Jewish holiday meals at my parent’s house. She was there the night I got engaged. She was part of my bridal party in 2011. And the 4 of us (Dianne, Russ, me, Bill) had dinner together every chance we could. I will miss my frequent & long conversations with Dianne. I will miss our laughs, our long lunches, our shopping trips at Neiman Marcus. I will miss it all! ? RIP my very dear friend, Dianne

  • Debbie Nefsky

    My dearest lovely, Dianne. What a ray of light and warmth- a true friend in every sense of the word. When I first met Bill Nefsky, his gal-pal Dianne was immediately my confidante. Many dinners at our home for personal celebrations and Jewish holidays ensued. Then Dianne met Russ, her world was complete and now we became four life-time friends. Rest in peace beautiful Dianne. To Russ in Atlanta, and the Smolen Family in Pennsylvania, my heart goes out to all of you. Please accept our sincerest condolences- We have lost a magnificent person! May Dianne's spirit forever be a blessed memory. Debbie and Bill Nefsky