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    Cookiebyrd Mayi Ghoul Brian


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    Monday, October 03, 2022 (After Sunset)


    Wednesday, October 19, 2022


    1:00 PM


    Congregation Dor Tamid




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  • Kathy Norman

    I’m so very sorry that you are going through this grief. My heart goes out to you.

  • Justin Effendi

    I knew Ghoul (Mayi) really well throughout high school and really enjoyed my time with them. We shared quite a few of the same classes, and we hung out a lot and became great friends. They were extremely sweet and supportive of me throughout high school and always cheered me up with their sensor of humor. To say this breaks my heart is a deep understatement, and I will always miss Ghoul. Sending my love and prayers for their family.

  • Ula Zusman

    Dearest Laurel, I was heartbroken to hear of this tragic news. Sending you and your family prayers of comfort. I know Ghoul was much loved, and, more importantly, they knew it too. May the memories you have of them be a blessing. Their gentle, kind soul will be missed.

  • Marjorie Hsu

    I wasn’t very close with Jaiycee (Mayi), but we were good acquaintances in high school through mutual friends. I remember always talking about anime/vocaloids with them and everyone else. They had a very kind heart and were very friendly. They left this world too soon.

  • Mandi Burnett

    I'm so sorry for your loss!!

  • Katherine Rivera

    I just want to say that Ghoul was a wonderful friend/co-worker. She was someone who I can go to and just talk freely to. She was always warm and very honest to everyone. She was one of the realist friends I made. May her rest in peace. ?

  • Jade Grimes

    Mayi (Jaicee) was on my birthright trip. They were such a sweet person and I enjoyed talking with them. While I only got to be with them for 10 days, I’ll never forget their gentle soul. May their memory be a blessing ??

  • Lauren Wright

    Jaicee was such an amazing person. They were one of the only people who stuck by my side when going to Israel for the birthright trip. I never felt judged by them and always had something kind to say. Even though they had a rough life. I always tried to have their back. I hope they are resting peacefully wherever they are and finally feel the peace of mind they ever so deserved.

  • Jyn Palmertree

    Im sorry for your loss sending condolences

  • Leaf Ballard

    They were such an intelligent conversation partner, ever since they were young. I remember a bright smile, an open mind, and so much affection. I can’t think of a deeper loss than a sibling or a child. Jaycee had so much waiting for them and I was always eager to hear updates from Melody. I’m going to miss them so much. Love you guys

  • Cheryl Garfinkel

    I am so very sorry to see this. Mayi Ghoul often checked me out at the Haynes Bridge Publix. She was always very helpful, funny, and knowledgeable. We discussed different Jewish recipes too. May G-d Bless her family. She will be missed.

  • D.G. Sifuentes

    I do not know you or your family, but I am very sorry for your huge loss. May God bring healing to you and your heart.

  • Alice and lester

    Not enough hugs can overcome the pain and yet hugs are all we can say. Know that each day the pain is a tiny bit less and smiles of her memory will return to your hearts. We love you and you are in our prayers

  • The Coffees

    I know I've been absolute crap at keeping up with y'all. But y'all are in our hearts and prayers. Nothing can console the losses y'all have suffered. This is absolute crap and there's no point in sugar coating it (I'd use more choice words but I feel Dressler's wouldn't appreciate it). We've lit a candle every night for them. I love you all. May their memory be a blessing.

  • Suzanne M Renaud

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, your mom and all at this tragic time. May the peace and comfort of God Almighty be with you all. You are not alone. God bless you.

  • JoAnn Spiegel

    There are no words to express my feelings to you on the loss of your dear, sweet Mayi. May you feel all the love and prayers that surround you at this very sad time and may peace find its way to your hearts?

  • Spring/Seasons Greetings

    Mama I'm so sorry, I miss you sooo much and I miss them too. Our ghoul will forever be in our hearts??

  • Cynthia Soré

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You do not know me, but I read your post on NextDoor. I know what kind of pain you are in now, I lost my son at the age of 18. There is no worse grief than loosing a child. It is crippling and devastating. You have my sincerest sympathies. I will also keep you in my prayers. I hope you are filled with peace and strength. God bless you at this difficult time. Cynthia Soré

  • Christy Henry

    Thinking of you during this incredibly difficult time.

  • Joshua Howe

    So much love to the family. They will be incredibly missed. I will be there.

  • Moon

    Ghoul is loved and always will be missed. They have been there for me, and they will always be in our hearts. I pray for the family and their well-being during this tough time. I'm utterly heart broken for all of Ghouls friends and family.

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