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    Michael Scott Rosen

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    Friday, December 17, 2021


    Saturday, January 08, 2022


    2:30 PM


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    A reception will be held immediately following the funeral service until 5:30 PM at Dressler's chapel.

    3734 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd., Atlanta, GA 30341


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    Michael Scott Rosen, age 28, passed away unexpectedly on December 17, 2021. He was born in Decatur, GA on September 26, 1993, two minutes after his twin brother, Mark. He spent most of his life in Brookhaven and attended Chamblee High School. Being comfortable outdoors, he loved camping, swimming, running the Peachtree Road Race, kayaking with family, hiking along the Chattahoochee River with friends. At age 11 months, he and Mark went to their first primitive bow shoot, riding in backpacks on their parents’ backs. Indoors, Michael liked healthy cooking and trying new recipes. He continued his love for the outdoors as he worked for landscape and design companies, driving crews and equipment. Covid kept him from using his passport, so he travelled stateside, climbing Mount Washington, visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, reveling in Mardi Gras, running on the beach at Cumberland Island. He was kindhearted and never missed a friend’s birthday. He greeted you with a big hug and an infectious smile. Michael is survived by his parents Allan and Diana Eve Rosen, his brother Mark Rosen, grandparents Marta and George Boulineau, uncles Barry Rosen (Lara), Steven Rosen, Phil Eve (Ellen), John Eve (Lynn), Dave Eve (Robin), Michael Fernandez (Erin), Larry McCord (Angela), David Boulineau (Caroline), great aunt Ellie, many cousins, and his dog Nimbus. A memorial service will be held at Dressler's Jewish Funeral Care on January 8th. In lieu of flowers, please make a memorial donation to the organization of your choice. Arrangements by Dressler's Jewish Funeral Care, 770-451-4999.

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Michael Rosen

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  • The Dressler Family

    May the memories of our loved ones remain for a blessing.

  • Pamela Nunn & Dave Jordan

    We hope shared sorrow gives some comfort and support against the weight of grief. Wish words could help, but I know your loss is greater than mere words. Our hearts are with you today.

    January 08, 2022 , 10:50 PM

  • Leslie Evans Davis

    Micheal, Well I didn’t get to know you as much as I would have liked to have I thought I would share with you that your name carries a lot of strength with it Scott was a young man full of life for your named after your middle name he lived a adventurous life as I understand you did as well in a different way you were born on the same day as your aunts cookie and pinkie who are twins and very strong also like you and Mark. I know that you will get to know all of them in that better place and you will get to learn so much culture in history as we all did in our family to Alan Mark and Diana I can’t begin to imagine the pain and your loss but please know that Micheal Will be surrounded by loved ones who will welcome him such as your beautiful mom Diann your dad Ernie Nana, and Papa not to mention cookie and pinky who I’m sure will keep you very busy. I wish I could’ve been there today with you but you are in my thoughts as is your family I love you. May you all find peace in the special memories that you have although in a brief life with Rich adventures

    January 08, 2022 , 08:20 PM

  • Liz Alpert and Guy Ewing

    The sorrow and devastation we feel at Michael's passing is greater than what we can express in words. I can't even imagine the pain you all feel at this terrible and tragic loss. His absence at family gatherings will be sorely missed. I hope at some point in the future we can celebrate his life in the outdoors that he loved so much.

    January 08, 2022 , 02:56 PM

  • Victoria and Mark Schutter

    We are so sorry to hear of Michael's loss. We are sending you love and prayers and hope you are able to find strength during this dark time.

    January 07, 2022 , 05:29 PM

  • Andrew L Cagle

    I love Michael, he was my best friend. I will never forget who he was or all the great times we had. I will miss him forever. Im so grateful to have had a friend like him.My heart hurts thinking of Mark and Mr and Mrs Rosen. I'm so sorry for your loss. God bless and your in my prayers.

    January 05, 2022 , 10:50 PM

  • Sue Huff

    Diana, Allan and Mark- My heart is broken for this loss. You all are in my constant thoughts and prayers. God bless you all.

    January 04, 2022 , 04:18 PM

  • Michael Alpert

    My wife and I have met Michael on a few occasions. I was taken by his naturally affectionate manner and his winning smile. I can’t even imagine the pain that Diana, Mark and my cousin Allan are confronting, I wish there was a word or thought that can help alleviate their suffering. I can only say with all earnestness that my heart goes out to you all with the hopes that the pain metamorphoses to sweet memories of your dear son, Michael.

    January 04, 2022 , 12:09 PM

  • Gary suthowski

    Sounds like a very good person I wish I would have got to know him better I'm sorry for the lost and I and I hope that he is at peace

    January 03, 2022 , 07:42 PM

  • Gary suthowski

    Sounds like a very good person I wish I would have got to know him better I'm sorry for the lost and I and I hope that he is at peace

    January 03, 2022 , 07:42 PM

  • Gayle Thompson

    I am so sorry to hear that Michael lost his life at such a young age. I didn't know him well, but I remember a delightful hour spent with him and Mark on the ride back from an archery gathering one Sunday. My prayers are with you all.

    January 03, 2022 , 03:12 PM

  • Mitch Glazier

    I feel terrible for your tragic loss and it is a heartbreak you will have to endure for years. I think about you all often and will be supportive in any way possible.

    January 03, 2022 , 01:44 PM

  • David Fowler

    I'm so very sorry to hear of this loss my heart goes out to your entire family and friends. I will do my best to be there

    January 02, 2022 , 03:24 AM

  • Nash

    Diana, Alan and Mark, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, praying that GOD will comfort and sustain you in the days and time ahead. May He bless and fulfill your every need. Love and prayers, Laura and Don

    January 01, 2022 , 10:50 PM

  • The Skeys

    We could see Michael's comfort in the outdoors on the Eve family kayaking trip, also his kind spirit, and know he will be greatly missed. Diana, Allan, and Mark, we are holding you in our hearts.

    January 01, 2022 , 01:47 PM

  • Swanson Family

    We are so saddened to hear that this young life was cut short. You all are in our prayers!

    January 01, 2022 , 06:09 AM

  • Jane Strain-Fink

    I am heartbroken for your loss. Michael was a creative, strong, loving young man. He had compassion and understanding for others. I will miss him always.

    December 31, 2021 , 03:34 AM

  • Barry Rosen and Lara Van Slyke

    We are beyond words to express our sorrow at Michaels passing. He was so young and had such a beautiful soul with an engaging smile and personality. We will miss him deeply.

    December 30, 2021 , 02:40 PM

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