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    Henny Cristal

  • AGE



    Monday, July 05, 2021 (Before Sunset)


    Wednesday, July 07, 2021


    11:00 AM





    The funeral will be livestreamed via Zoom. Click HERE to view the funeral live.

    Meeting ID: 830 9747 5343
    Passcode: 688117


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  • The Dressler Family

    May the memories of our loved ones remain for a blessing.

  • Sophia

    We have already issued Deutsche Bank €1b sblc on euroclear screen for reassignment to any interested applicant. Please contact me for details. Skype: live:.cid.ce6288f74ce1a8f8 Regards

  • Cornelius and Jan Savage

    Keith, We are so sorry for the loss of your loved one! May the love, grace and mercy of God sustain you and your family during your loss.

  • Julie Zier

    Keith, I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your kids. May Henny's memory always be a blessing.

  • Juliet

    I have the best memories of staying friends with Henny. Her contiguous laugh and positive attitude bring our problems go away. She was an amazing friend with a good heart, and very thoughtful and generous to all her friends. I remember when my face hurt from laughing so much. I’ll always cherish those memories of fun times spent with her. Its never a dull moment when she was around. I will miss you dai Hen! I love you!

  • The Rinzler Family

    We send our blessings for Henny Cristal to her dear family and friends.

  • Rechel Haney

    Dear Cristal and Corambao Family, I'm so very for your loss. I haven't seen Henny in person for the last few years but we keep in touch thru online. Henny was the kindhearted, very generous, and brave woman.. She told me 6 months ago that she will come and visit here in Colorado. She didn't give a hint about her condition because she does not want me to be worry about her. Farewell my friend Henny I will miss you and will cherish our memories forever.. Rest in Peace.

  • miscel malillin sande pactol

    dear ate hen..this is the beginning ...the truth .Life here on earth is only a temporary...Thank you for the everything...huhu..even we are not so close but a short period of time that we are together is enough for me and i can say you are a good person and you loved us unconditionally.I promise and pray that you are a part of my night and daily prayers and i will offer mass everytime i will visit churches.I love you ate henny corambao cristal.If God's weigh your all goodness and shared blessings youve done to all of us inorder you to enter heaven i can say maybe you are qualified.You are a very good loving daughter ...and loving cousin and very supportive too.We will miss you and you are always remain in our hearts now and forever.To sir keith cristal ,mason and Jacob..and family dont be sad be happy and always love each other and be strong because ate henny always there!!! Have faith and condolences everyone.

  • Harriet Purificacion

    Hi Hen, I know we will not be able to keep in touch physically but the memories that we've shared will be forever in my heart. I have been longing the brightest smile of yours whenever you are heading back here in the Philippines with much joy and love. Rest in peace my dearest lovable cousin.

  • john paul curambao santos

    sending love and prayers from manila

  • Dennis Padungao

    ??#nomorepain#cancerfree heaven is a healing place! To ate henny ,I salute you ate henny because you are such an inspiration fighting through this battle so bravely?.There are no goodbyes ate hen.. The joy and the happiness you shared to us will still remain in our hearts forever!Thank you and You may rest in peace ate hen ??? .I love you ate

  • Mary Ann Tomarong Matugas

    Henny or Yay that i used to call you my dear cousin thank you is not enough how you treat us for long time until you settled in US. Too young to die my dear cousin but we cannot question God's plan I know you are now resting in paradise (heaven). Reminiscing during your stay here in Cebu with family and relatives you really never failed to share your blessings even in so many ways. We your cousin so grateful to have such amazing woman, strong, intelligent one we could not ask for more. You did all your best to fight such cancer and we are proud of how you handle it so well even to the last fight. We never heard you complaining instead a positive woman that can handle such battle. No more pain now Yay you have your unlimited time to be with auntie Ely as you always shared to us. To Keith, and my two nephews Mason and Jacob my condolences for loosing a wife/mother it is very hard to say goodbye to the one we loved most. Thank you for everything and all your care and loved to Henny. NO GOODBYES MY DEAR COUSIN UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. Be our angel from above and regards to my Mama, sister and aunt/uncle in Heaven.

  • Alma Pactol

    Good morning everyone.My deepest Condolences and prayers to Cristal and Corambao family.Saying goodbye isn't easy but life here on Earth is only temporary.Just what you said always understand,love and respect each other because we are one family.You were a selfless,hardworking,humble, & generous woman.You are such a brave woman that even if darkness of life happened unexpectedly but still you always think the happiness of everyone.A remarkable mother of your kids and a good wife to your husband.You're one of the woman who will miss by somebody.Ate Hen you may rest in peace.?There is no pain anymore in Heaven Ate. Ate Hen wherever you are right now, always know that you are lifetime remembered in our hearts ????...Thank you for everything my dear cousin.I love you and now I miss you already...?It's hard to accept but that's life.Till we meet again my dear cousin.???

  • christine

    ate hen...pls help us and ur family accept the fact that we can't see or even talk to you anymore's still not sinking ate..we were just talking last month and u never showed me that ur in pain.You remain to be a private proud woman.i never heard u telling me that you're tired and cannot do it, u were so strong and so positive..i still remember how lively u were and i am so glad ate to be somebody u call when u needed someone to talk to..i am just sorry ate hen if i did not get the chance to tell u how much u mean to heart will always be full of gratitude with ur generosity and kindness to us ate.i will always be proud to be your cousin.. no more pain te hen... u had gone too soon but ur memories will always remain in our hearts forever ate...till we meet again ate.. my condolences to u kuya keith,mason, jacob, uncle enting and kuya hobert..

  • Danilo Padungao

    There are no goodbyes, Where ever you'll be, you'll be in our heart. Rest in peace ate henny?

  • Papa Vicente

    To my beautiful daughter thank you for everything you have to our family you never failed me as your parent you support us all the way with your husband keith thank i will missed u so badly everyday your with your mama now happy watching us please continue to guide our family and your family i love you so much and i miss you everyday till we again in heaven i love you

  • Jacky Pactol Abonalla

    Ate Henny…with a heavy heart, I am thinking of memories we shared before that you would be absolutely remembered. Well, aside from your last family visit to the Philippines in the year 2019, which was the most recent and sad to say our last reunion, I would prefer to reminisce the time you are about to meet Kuya Keith for the first time in the Philippines. It is still a clear picture how beautifully and deeply in love you are especially the moment you saw your husband to be at the airport. I am your cousin living in Manila that time so I got the chance to witness your excitement and happiness in starting a new life with him. We checked-in at Cherry Blossoms Hotel in Manila to be near to the clinic where you are supposed to undergo your medical exam. Being with you and the way our conversation went through I won’t forget how optimistic, selfless and kind you are with all your plans for your family. Undoubtedly, you made it my dear cousin, not only for your immediate family but to the extent of your distant relatives and friends. You may had gone too soon Ate Hen but with all the generosity and good deeds you did maybe thank you is not enough. You are worth remembering anyone would be proud of. Sorry I never had the chance to message or call you and showed compassion in return with regards to your illness. All I thought was you are a strong and a fighter woman who knows to handle every struggle very well. Thank you my dear cousin for your selflessness and kindness, you will be missed. I love you Ate Henny, be happy with your mom now…’till we meet again. My heartfelt condolences to Kuya Keith, Mason & Jacob

  • Dominic

    My condolences to cristal family , to my dearest ate hen. It's hard to say goodbye to my beloved ate hen, I remember the days that ate hen took care of me when I was young everyday she takes me to school before going to work , she's the most kind person that I've known. Thank you ate hen for all.

  • Baxter family

    Our deepest condolences and prayers to Cristal family. Henny’s spiritual presence will be with us all in an unlimited ways now, as we remember her. We’ll keep her beautiful soul in our prayers.

  • Leonie Baxter

    Our heartfelt sympathies and hugs in prayers to the Corambao and Cristal families. Henny is a special kind of woman, who brightens the whole room when she’s around. She’s the life of the party, who knows how to have fun in the midst of chaos, share a laugh even in trying times. She has a big heart to anyone, who always make others feel at home. She’s one of the most courageous women I’ve known. I’m blessed to have her as a friend with such a beautiful soul. It’s so hard to take that her physical presence won’t be with us anymore, but we gain an angel in heaven, who will remain with us in our hearts and thoughts. She will be greatly missed but her memories will never be forgotten. We love you so much dear Henny, until we meet again in the next life.

  • Brin

    I have known you for quite a while. You were such a kind soul and a great friend. We were devastated when we found out that your were gone forever. You're laughter and kind heart will be forever remembered by us. We love you Henny.

  • Sweety

    To our dearest Henny I've known u when i was a kid and u were part of my summer vacation in Mindanao that i always look forward every year. I was like your shadow, following u around and u never get annoyed or get tired of me. U were so kind back then.Since you are a few years ahead of me, we did not get to spend much in high school but i was glad when u came in Cebu to work after college. That was the time that we had so much fun and created a lot of memories.we had our saturday bonding by letting me watch TGIS because we don't have a television. While U were working in the internet cafe,u always help me with my school projects to save me time and money in using the internet. There were a lot of times that u will text me to meet u after work just because u want to treat me dinner though your salary were not that much, shows how great a person u are. In return, your only request was to have dinner in our house and cook buwad/dried fish for u. I may be still young but u trusted me and shared all your problems and worries to me thats how i knew how strong u were in facing all the challenges in life that comes your way at such a young age.Then u met Keith and when he visited to meet your whole family, u did not forget to introduce Keith to me personally and it shows how u value friendship. Then U got married and i worked abroad and it took more than 10 years that we saw each other again and that was 2 years ago. We had a blast and talk till morning to catch up with our lives and trying to learn to take a selfie?u did not forget and took the time to visit my're still the Henny that i met when i was a kid, kind, generous, humble and strong.The only thing that changed was an upgrade with your request from dried fish to cornbeef? when i sent u off at the airport, u already requested your cornbeef for your next visit and i was looking forward to that. Sadly, it will never happen but i know u are in Gods hand now and no more pain. We had our last convo when u are at the hospital and i was supposed to tell u that i did follow your advise to talk to one of the important person in my life and that it turns out well and something beautiful happened. I will always think of u everytime i'll look at that person and forever be grateful. though you're not here with us anymore but u will always in our heart.i'm honored that i get to know a gentle soul like u. U have such a big heart and i've always look up to u and love u. U are like a big sister to me though u always teased me and call me auntie because technically u are my niece?To our dearest Henny, thank u for the love and kindness you've given us. May u rest in peace and i will miss u?? To Keith and family, thank u for loving Henny and for giving the good life she deserved and making her happy??

  • Ilyn Dahili

    My condolences to Cristal family kuya Keith and kids it is very hard to say goodbye to a person we loved most. Ate Henny is such a unique woman, intelligent, strong, and phenomenal creature I love you so much my dear cousin there is no pain anymore in heaven though we are not there to faced your battle but know that in our hearts you are always remembered we now have angels from above who will watch us always no goodbyes ate henny till we meet again...forever loved

  • Maria Cleofe Lineberry

    Dear Cristal family, I am sorry for your loss, she’s in a better place that she doesn’t suffer anymore, your family were always in our prayers. Henny was very energetic and a good friend. I remember our trip to Hilton with the rest of our group we had a great time. She will be missed!

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