Deceased Information


    Mark Kelmachter

    Moshe ben Mayer


    Monday, May 31, 2021 (Before Sunset)


    Friday, June 04, 2021


    1:00 PM




    Greenwood Cemetery


    Mark Bruce Kelmachter was born March 11th, 1949, in Brooklyn New York, to Jean Muraskin Kelmachter and Meyer Kelmachter. Mark has just finished writing a book about his family. Mark graduated in Philosophy from the University of Buffalo. Mark came to Emory to study Philosophy as a graduate student. Mark enjoyed discussions with his groups of friends while at Emory, in Little Five Points, at Elizabeth Andrews High School where he taught English, at the Church of Religious Science, and online. Mark loved every book written by each of his favorite authors, from Colin Wilson’s “The Outsider” to Philip Roth’s “Our Gang.” Mark loved to tell clever jokes. He also had a knack for finding the best tasting food in any city. Sadly, Mark died Monday, May 31st, 2021. Mark leaves behind his wife Jan, his daughter Mica, his Mother Jean, his sisters Leslie and Shari (Kevin), his brother-in-law Jay (Debbie), his sister-in-law Lauren (Cindy), and nieces and nephews, and beloved dog. Graveside Services at Greenwood Cemetery with Rabbi Peter Berg, at 1:00 P.M., Friday, June 04th, 2021. Donations, if you like, to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

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Mark Kelmachter

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  • The Dressler Family

    May the memories of our loved ones remain for a blessing.

  • Mary L Whitmore

    I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. Mr. Kelmachter has definitely left an indelible impact. Please know that he will be forever remembered and forever loved. Whichever memory makes you smile the most, whichever one makes you the happiest to have had his love, I hope you hold those memories closest to your heart. May GOD's Peace and Love lift you from sorrow.

    June 07, 2021 , 02:00 PM

  • Agee Puthumana

    My condolences to Kelmachter Family! Mark was here for me and helped me a lot when I lost my son. I also miss my Advanced Placement Buddy a lot! My thoughts and prayers to Kelmachter Family.

    June 07, 2021 , 12:03 AM

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    We met over FB and then in real life - I delighted in his corny jokes and puns and respected his intellect. I loved our lively political discussions and shall miss our interactions. I had so hoped that, with the end of COVID, we would get to see eachother IRL more. He loved you both, Jan and Mica, so very much. May his memory be a blessing.

    June 04, 2021 , 11:19 PM

  • Joyce Frederick

    It with deepest sympathy for Mr. Kelmachter. We all will miss him at Open Campus/Elizabeth Andrews High School. The thing that I will remember the most about Mr. Kelmachter is that he was a committed and a dedicated teacher. He would work with the students to make sure that they succeed. He would come to me and say, "Please reinstate this student back into class, I will work with him and make sure that he makes up his work", and the one thing Mr. Kelmachter did was to make the student redo the work if it was not satisfying to how he wanted it to be done. We will be praying for the family.

    June 04, 2021 , 03:56 PM

  • Tosha Croom

    Mark Kelmachter a full spirit who wholly enjoyed his family, the cinema, various cuisines, political discussions and witty banter. He was a joy to work with and I adored his genuine disposition.

    June 04, 2021 , 03:49 PM

  • Carol Williams

    You could not be around Mark (while teaching at EAHS) and not observe his humorous and creative commentary. And each year, he put that humor, creativity, intrigue, and loving spirit into a writing piece to share with all of us. That last week in the year, we would be looking for Mark's story tucked into our "mailboxes." I loved that! He was a respected and caring colleague. He made a positive impact in the lives of many young people in his classroom. My thoughts are with his family. Take good care.

    June 04, 2021 , 03:04 PM


    To Jan and Mica: Mark was loved; Mark was respected, and he will be missed terribly by his former friends, colleagues, and students of Open Campus High School/Elizabeth Andrews High School. He was a force whose impact was felt even after his retirement. I was an integral part of his retirement celebration and now, after 20 years of working together, I feel as if I am saying goodbye to him twice. I will miss him. May the thoughts of how he will be remembered fondly by his "work family" be a comfort to you both at this time. Be blessed.

    June 04, 2021 , 12:51 AM


    To Jan and Mica: Mark was loved; Mark was respected, and he will be missed terribly by his former friends and colleagues of Open Campus High School/Elizabeth Andrews High School. He was a force whose impact was felt even after his retirement. I will miss him.

    June 04, 2021 , 12:40 AM

  • Teresa Massey

    Hello, I am sorry to see Mr. Kelmachter leave us so soon. He will be dearly missed. Here is how I will remember him. This is a picture taken at his retirement celebration from teaching at Elizabeth Andrews High School.

    June 03, 2021 , 06:09 PM

  • David Goode

    I worked with Mark for nearly 20 long that he started to re-tell some of the corny jokes I heard years earlier. I've even borrowed a few of them to be sure. Behind that humor was a man filled with intellect and sincerity. The world is better because of his spirit. Peace and love to Jan, Mica and the rest of the family.

    June 03, 2021 , 08:57 PM

  • Frederick Harrod

    Mr. Kelmachter was a great teacher. I worked with him at Elizabeth Andrews H.S. He was usually up tempo and amusing. With Deepest Sympathy, Fred Harrod

    June 03, 2021 , 08:56 PM

  • Tyrone Guyton

    Kelmachter, you are a dear friend. I will never forget going to lunch with you on early release days and our discussions about politics, television, and your faith. I remember you were always quick to share a joke or offer a nugget of valuable advice. I will always consider your friendship to be a gift and a blessing.

    June 03, 2021 , 08:22 PM

  • Reverend Doctor Pat Dugas

    Jan, Mica, family and friends, PLEASE KNOW that Mark has always been held in the highest regard, by staff AND students, at Open Campus High School. His reputation as one of God's finest teachers goes with other fond memories. His brilliance regarding local AND national politics kept most of us mesmerized and waiting for his next analogy. I am so thankful that he did complete that novel. I am thankful to have known Mark as a brilliant co-worker AND friend. Of course, he kept fresh coffee in the teachers' lounge.

    June 03, 2021 , 08:13 PM

  • Wanda M Jones

    I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Kelmachter at Elizabeth Andrews High School. He was a wonderful man-so full of wisdom, laughter and love! My thoughts and prayers are with you, and may you find comfort in knowing that others share in your sorrow and rejoice in the memories of such a very special person who touched many lives. May God be with you. Love Always!

    June 03, 2021 , 08:12 PM

  • Tina Walker

    My condolences to the family. It was a joy to know Mr. Kelmacher, at Elizabeth Andrews High School. My prayer is that God comforts your hearts, during theses difficult times.

    June 03, 2021 , 08:04 PM

  • Victor Spooner

    So very sorry for your loss. Mark will be very greatly missed by all who knew him. We loved Mark!

    June 03, 2021 , 07:52 PM

  • Barbara Winters

    Mark Kelmatcher was one of the most unique people I have ever known. He loved books (reading and discussing them); we taught English at what was Open Camus High School and later named Elizabeth Andrews High School and retired teachers. I loved Mark’s views on politics, and I will miss his posts and our discussions. My condolences to Jan, his wife; daughter Mica, mother Jean and all his wonderful family. I miss Mark!??I am so happy Mark finished his novel.

    June 03, 2021 , 07:24 PM

  • Moninder Kaur

    Dear Jan and Mica, I am so sorry to hear your loss. May Almighty give the courage to the family to bear this loss and salvation to the departed soul. May his memories be a blessing!

    June 03, 2021 , 07:07 PM

  • Tina Amadasun (English Dept.,EAHS)

    To the Kelmachter family; My heart goes out to all of you during this time. Mark's class was parallel to mine and each and every morning, I greeted him with, "Good morning, Mr. Kelmachter, how's everything?" He would reply in his own Kelmachter humor, "Everything is too broad, but some things are good and some things are bad." You will surely be missed by many.

    June 03, 2021 , 06:39 PM

  • Merlon Jones, Principal Elizabeth Andrews HS

    I am saddened to learn of the passing of one of my EAHS family members--Mark. I really enjoyed the Christmas stories he would give to me yearly bringing cheer to my heart! Mark possessed a kind, gentle, strong SPIRIT that will live in our hearts and minds forever. To the Kelmachter family, may GOD bring peace and comfort to your spirit during your hour of sadness.

    June 03, 2021 , 06:32 PM

  • Yvette Drew

    Jan and Mica, I am so sorry about your loss. I worked with Mark and was always impressed his love of conversation and how he resolutely loved his family. May your memories of him bring you joy and may the Shalom of God comfort you.

    June 03, 2021 , 05:29 PM

  • Marsha Raxter

    Dear Jan and Mica My heart goes out to y’all. All of his friends are devastated. May his memory be a blessing. ??

    June 03, 2021 , 05:14 PM