Cremation Options

Cremation packages include ALL of the following: 

  • Basic services of the funeral directors and staff
  • Transportation of the deceased from the location of death
  • Housing and refrigeration of the deceased
  • Filing the death certificate
  • Obituary submissions, if requested (additional charge for Simple Cremation and Cremation with Simple Viewing)
  • Cremation of the deceased
  • Simple cremation box for ashes


Additional third-party costs: 

  • Death certificates
  • Obituaries (if requested)
  • Honorarium for Clergy (if applicable)
  • Limousine (if requested)
  • Taxes


Simple Cremation

  • A direct cremation of the deceased. 
  • Not included: viewing, visitation, funeral service, obituary submissions


Cremation with Simple Viewing

  • Direct cremation with brief family viewing at the funeral home.
  • Not included: visitation, funeral service, obituary submission


Cremation with Memorial Service 

  • Direct cremation with one-hour memorial service at the funeral home or your synagogue.  
  • Not included: viewing or visitation


Cremation with Funeral and Visitation

  • Visitation at the funeral home followed by funeral in our chapel (two-hours, same-day) 
  • Deceased care, bathing, dressing, casketing
  • Rental Casket for Funeral 


Cremation with Funeral at Your Temple

  • Funeral Service at your temple
  • Deceased care, bathing, dressing, casketing
  • Rental casket for viewing and funeral 
  • Transportation of deceased to and from the temple