Cremation FAQs

What does it mean to pre-pay for cremation services with Dressler’s?

Monies are 100% escrowed in an account owned by you or another person and payable to the funeral home at time of death. The funeral home service fees, urn, vault (if applicable,) and grave marker costs become fixed when you pre-pay in full or when pre-paying and making monthly payments.  Third party costs may be pre-paid however, third party costs are only estimated, and you pay the difference at time of death.  

Pre-paying is an option, but not required to set up future plans with Dressler’s.  

Please call Dressler’s for more information on pre-planning.  


Are there payment plans available? 

When pre-paying, payments may be made in one lump sum, over 11 months with no additional fee, over 22 months ($200 fee), or 34 months ($300 fee). If paying at the time of need, payment in full is required prior to the cremation. 


What should I do with cremated remains? 

There are different options available for disposition of cremated remains.  

Burial or Inurnment – cremated remains can be buried or place in a mausoleum/niche.  Please contact Dressler’s for referrals to local cemeteries.  

Scattering – cremated remains can be scattered on land, at sea, or by air. There are urns specifically designed for this purpose. Regulations and requirements for scattering vary by jurisdiction.  Please check local laws.  

Travel – you may travel domestically with ashes, however, if travelling internationally, check with that country’s consulate for their legal requirements.   

Keep – cremated remains may be kept in a special place in your home.  Cremains may also be spread across several urns and/or keepsakes if you wish to have your loved one’s final resting place be spread among several different locations.  


What types of urns are available? 

There are a variety of urns available at different price ranges. 

Urns can be made of materials including but not limited to: aluminum, biodegradable materials, brass, bronze, ceramic, glass, marble, and wood.

Keepsakes are mementos in which a small portion of ashes can be divided. 

Urns can also come with customized engraving; please let your funeral director know if engraving is important to you.

Please see our urn page HERE (link to urn page) to view our urn stores.


What is the timeline of cremation?

We follow the family’s lead in terms of timing.  Generally, there should be a minimum of 24 hours allotted for cremation to occur. 


Is cremation customary in the Jewish faith?

Cremation is not traditional; however, cremation is still an option for Jewish community.  If you have questions about whether cremation is right for you and your family, we recommend that you speak with your rabbi.  


Please call Dressler’s with any further questions, 770-451-4999.