Casket prices

C85 Moses

Solid Walnut, High Polished Natural Walnut Finish, Almond Velvet Interior.

C81 Mahogany

Mahogany red. Eggshell velvet.

C72 Moriah Solid Cherry Urn Corners, Polished Colonial Finish, Almond Velvet Interior. $4,295
C55 Oak Matte finish, Rosetan crêpe, Solid Oak. $2,995
C48 Dunfield Solid Oak, Polished Autumn Brown, Rosetan Crepe Interior. $2,995
C38 Miriam Solid Poplar, Apricot Finish, Orchid Crepe Interior. $2,695
C31 Rosh Poplar, Walnut Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior. $2,595
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK C27 Almond Solid Pine, Dull Brown Finish, Rosetone Crepe. $2,295
C18 Shem Pine, unfinished pine wood, bamboo linwood weave interior. $1995
C22 Dan Solid Poplar, Light Brown Matt Finish, Ivory Crepe Interior $1795
C17 Ira Flat-top, no stain Poplar with handles and interior fabric $1,495
C15 Nahum Flat-top Unfinished Pine with Handles (no interior fabric or padding). $1,295
C14 Orthodox Flat-top Unfinished Pine (No handles, no interior fabric or padding). $1,095

The above caskets contain no metals.