• “Dear Friends at Dressler's, Thank you all for the support and comfort you provided after my mother's passing. Your attentiveness and genuine concern was greatly appre'ciated. H.M.”

    See Hand Written Note

    H M
  • “I was very pleased with all services on such a sad day. Dressler's direction of the funeral was very respectful and Michael was very accommodating. Thank you for your kind way of handling a very sad day. PH”

    P H
  • “”

    See Hand Written Note

    F A
  • “”

    See Hand Written Note

    H T
  • “Dear Eddie & Staff, Many Thank for all you did to make dad's funeral such a well organized and pleasant experience for our family, Fortunately, this was our first experience in arranging and planning a funeral. With your low-key, yet sensitive approach, the process was much easier for us to manage. You were responsive and easy to communicate with. We really appreciate you professionalism and kindness. Sincerely, GB & family”

    See Hand Written Note

    G B
  • “Dear Eddie, We would like [to] express our thanks to you for the sincere understanding & care extended to our family in our time of deep sorrow over the loss of our precious grandson. We would also like to express our gratitude to xx for his kindness & compassion, which was most comforting. Sincerely, A&EFD”

    See Hand Written Note

    A&E FD
  • “”

    See Hand Written Note

    SB &L
  • “To Dressler Funeral Home, I'm writing this card to thank you all for your caring & professionalism when my mother XX passed away. [Your staff member] came to the Cohen Home and gently took charge with concern for all our family members. Words can't express how he made things easier and treated our mother with dignity. Again thank you.”

    See Hand Written Note

    S H
  • “Dear Michael, I want to thank you for all the care and attention to detail in regards to the funeral preparations for my mother. We really appreciate your help in getting us through the difficult details. Everything went so smoothly and that meant so much to my father and entire family. All the best to you, CH ”

    See Hand Written Note

    C H
  • “Dear Eddie - We know that this is much more than a business for you, and we are immeasurably grateful to have had your guidance and support. I doubt if we could have got through this without you. God bless you for everything you did. -”

    See Hand Written Note

    M B
  • “”

    See Hand Written Note

    B Family
  • “Dear Eddie and Staff, Thank you so much for making this journey seamless for us. I understand that it is what you do but you did it so well with the out of town piece complicating all of the timing. We really appreciate all of your help and concern for all of us. Sincerely, B&M”

    See Hand Written Note

    B &M
  • “”

    See Hand Written Note

    M H
  • “Dear David, Thank you for you help and assistance in coordinating my mother's funeral. xx and I really appreciate all of the attention to detail and making this sad time go so smoothly. Our family is grateful as well. Wishing you the best,”

    See Hand Written Note

    C H
  • “Dear Eddie, Please accept my sincerest thanks for all you and your staff did for me during those wretched days following mother's death. You and everyone there were a joy to work with. Everything was done as I asked and even all the things I didn't ask for or about. David was wonderful to me and all my family. Other than the weather, it all went better than planned. Thank you, too, for arranging the tree planting through Batesville Casket. What a thoughtful gesture. I was very touched. Thank you so very much. Please excuse this belated note but I had been overwhelmed by my new responsibilities and by the outpouring of support from the community. Thank you again for everything. Sincerely,”

    See Hand Written Note

    J R
  • “Dear Mr. Dressler, Thank you for your kindness and helping us prepare for [the] funeral. I can't tell you how helpful it was that everything was handled for me so well. xx would have appreciated everything that you did. Thanks”

    See Hand Written Note

    A F
  • “Thank you for providing us with an audio recording of my father-in-law's eulogy. During the service, it was difficult to absorb everything [the Rabbi] said while we were overwhelmed with grief. Listening to the beautiful service afterwards has helped our family to find some comfort. Thank you again for your impeccable compassion and care during this difficult time.”

    K G
  • “Thank you, David. Let me start by saying how great all of you were through this process. I have a motto that describes how I serve my own clients in my profession - "do it right, do it right now, and do it with a tone and tenor that says 'thank you for the privilege of service.'" Everyone at Dressler's with whom we interacted since [the death] exudes that same attitude, effort, and professionalism. I speak for al in the family when I say we are very grateful.”

    A B
  • “Dear David and all of the people at Dressler's, My whole family and I want to tell you how much we appreciate your services from the day we came in to discuss potential funeral plans through the difficult and emotional funeral itself. You took care of every part of the planning, were there when we needed you and were attentive to every aspect of the funeral itself. Throughout the whole process, we felt as if you cared both about the handling of our Mother and were also able to help alleviate our emotions by the combination of professionalism and empathy. Again, thank you for all you have done to help us. Sincerely,”

    N P
  • “Dear Edward, My mother passed away and recently was buried out of town. Due to an overflow of supportive efforts from friends and community, I ran out of thank you notes. Your staff was kind enough to make two boxes of acknowledgment notes available to me. I am grateful for community oriented companies and staff like yours. You care and concern are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Sincerely,”

    See Hand Written Note

    R L
  • “[You were] very helpful with all details [and] provided comfort during a difficult time.”

    J Z
  • “Everyone has been great to work with. You make a very difficult experience easy with no stress. Thank you!”

    C F
  • “[We] did not need to do anything. [Dressler's] handled everything - Love them - ”

    C A
  • “Thank you so very much for your care and concern.”

    J Y
  • “Great communication and very patient. Thank you for spending so much time with us. Everything was as good as it could be under the circumstances. You took all the worries out of the funeral planning”

    Z G
  • “A beautiful service; I was very pleased. [The staff was] very respectful [and] very accommodating. Thank you for your kind way of handling a very sad day. ”

    P H
  • “Very good and caring service for an unusual circumstance. Thanks for your assistance. ”

    J B
  • “[The staff] was excellent and very professional - a great help thru the whole process. ”

    S W
  • “This is the first I have seen GIVE A TESTIMONIAL. My daughter died October 7th, 2016. Eddie Dressler and his entire staff are Awesome. They did everything at this horrendous time to make this easy for me. Took care of every detail. Thank you all. You were All Amazing. ”

    Phyllis Kurtzman
  • “Your team provide an invaluable service. Keep up the good work. Truly in awe of what you do.”

    B C
  • “Everything was handled beautifully and with great sensitivity. Thank you!”

    L D
  • “Dressler's did a great job! Thank you!”

    M H
  • “Thank you, Michael and David! Compared to other funeral services you are number one in my experience.”

    D S
  • “Beautiful and meaningful service. I appreciate all you and your staff did for my family. ”

    Jed Mescon
  • “Dear Dressler's - I appreciate how you handled the whole process with such care. Sincerely, ES”

    See Hand Written Note

    E S
  • “Very good experience working with Dressler's. Professional service throughout the process. ”

    M G
  • “At this time of grief it is difficult to make decisions. The staff was very helpful with this process.”

    L Z
  • “Everyone made me so comfortable and I never had to worry about anything.”

    R M
  • “Everybody was great and very helpful.”

    B S
  • “Dressler's did a great job. They showed care, concern, and sensitivity. Thank you. ”

    Y S
  • “Wonderful level of communication.”

    S H
  • “Thank you for your wonderful service and support.”

    R R
  • “Worked with David; he performed flawlessly!”

    R F
  • “Very professional, kind and friendly. Emails were informative and prompt. David was available by phone each time I called him. David answered all of my questions with patience and respect.”

    L G
  • “We were extremely satisfied and made comfortable by every member of the staff we met.”

    N P
  • “Dressler's make the hardest, saddest days so much easier. They are caring, respectful and professional!”

    T B
  • “The experience was the best I could have ever imagined in the most difficult time of my life!”

    L F
  • “Thank you for making a difficult time easier. I truly felt supported and cared for throughout the entire process.”

    H S
  • “Michael Braswell was amazing! He was kind, informative and very supportive. Everyone at Dressler's was very caring and professional and accommodating during this very sad stressful time. The service was beautiful and I know that my loved one was taken care of as she would have wanted. ”

    R C
  • “Eddie did a fine job explaining arrangements and answering questions and providing relevant info.”

    S S
  • “Everyone was wonderful. David Boring was so patient and kind answering my multiple questions and explaining the process. The funeral service was exactly as we wanted.”

    C S
  • “Thank you for your very kind, sensitive and professional attention to our needs and those of our family. We thank you, very much.”

    D F
  • “You handled everything when my mother passed away in 2013. Thank you for your professionalism, kindness and patience with both of my parents. I will always appreciate everything you have done.”

    S E
  • “Could not have been better. Eddie and everyone else made a difficult time as easy and painless as possible. Everyone was very professional, patient, and caring. ”

    N H
  • “Thankful that we have such an outstanding service such as Dressler's in our community.”

    B C
  • “Eddie was a calming presence and stepped in when necessary during the burial. We appreciated the shomer service you provide. David Boring was very helpful throughout the process.”

    M E
  • “Your service was phenomenal. We can't thank you enough. Thank you also for the tree planting. Your kindness is so appreciated.”

    R K
  • “My family and I want to thank everyone at Dressler's not just for the tree that you planted through the Jewish National Fund, but also for the way everything was handled regarding the funeral. Our family was relieved that you helped us with our decisions as we didn't know where to begin. ”

    N H
  • “Everyone was patient and and accommodating for our difficult situation. They arrived quickly and allowed us time to say our good-byes without rushing us.”

    C H
  • “Everything was perfect and very professional”

    D. S. F
  • “Dear Eddie, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you did to help us navigate through the choppy process of cemetery selection, grave purchasing and funeral planning. I know you do this all the time, but X and I felt very supported throughout. We knew you were there for us. And in the end, everything went off without a hitch. We couldn't be happier with the choices we made and the way we did it. The chapel and staff were perfect. The police escort was the talk of Shiva for the first few days; the respect of the officers at the cemetery and the cars and pedestrians stopping to pay their respects was overwhelming to many of us from the north. ”

    R. N.
  • “David, Thank you again for your support and excellent care last week. It was a great comfort to us all that we were in your capable hands. ”

    S. S.
  • “Eddie Dressler was a gift to us during a very difficult week. I am guessing he answers the same questions that we asked of him regularly--but you would never know it. He discusses all the subjects you need to know with great kindness and gentleness. Thanks so much for making a tough time manageable. ”

    M. M.
  • “You kept us moving in the right direction and always with a smile. ”

    J. R.
  • “Very good in helping make arrangement with cremation & newspaper. We were very pleased! Thank You”

    P. N.
  • “Considering the arrangements had to be coordinated with an out of town funeral home, all of the transportation was done perfectly! ”

    S. W.
  • “David Boring & Alisa Freeman were great!”

    J. J.
  • “Thank you for making a difficult time easier!!”

    S. G.
  • “I loved that the eulogy was taped and available online!”

    S. R.
  • “Eddie guided us through the beginning and everyone was very accommodating so that we could have the funeral the next day. One less thing to worry about on a very sad day. ”

    D. H.
  • “"Our meeting was not rushed. We were given a good understanding of all that this process encompassed. Thank you for your efficiency and caring during such a difficult time for us. You removed the worry about all that had to be done." ”

    S. W.
  • “"Having to hold funeral in another state, Dressler's made it very easy for us. They made all the arrangements & chose a Rabbi; we were very happy with to preside over the funeral." ”

    S. H.
  • “"We had pre-need arrangements which were carried out perfectly. My Husband's funeral was conducted with dignity and respect. I could not be more pleased, thank you Eddie Dressler! Our family has used Dressler's several times and we have always been treated with kindness and respect." ”

    J. F.
  • “"On behalf of the family, we wanted to thank you for your support, care and sensitivity last week in connection with the funeral. We know there is significant work that goes on behind the scenes and you guys did an excellent job in the context of very difficult circumstances. We appreciate it very much"”

    D. N.
  • “"Is there a Jew in Atlanta who does not know about Dresslers?"”

    F. H.
  • “"Arrived very quickly - greatly appreciated. Kept us informed about everything. Totally warm, courteous and professional could not have done better."”

    F. H.
  • “"Couldn't ask for a more courteous, caring, professional experience."”

    J. E.
  • “"Very impressed w/gentleman who picked her up. Alisa was very professional & helpful." ”

    M. S.
  • “"Our needs were simple but important to my family. Your company was perfect. Very please(d) with our experience. Thank you very much."”

    R. M.
  • “"Great communications and concern throughout. Empathetic and considerate. Just wonderful people with great company. "”

    I. G.
  • “"Very sincere and caring; we appreciate the sensitivity shown to us by entire staff. Thank You."”

    S. G.
  • “"Your entire team was exceptional. I hope you all feel great pride in the wonderful and important work you do and the professional and compassionate manner in which you do it. Bless You All"”

    D. F.
  • “I've lived in Atlanta 70 years & knew about Dressler's for many of them. They are a very kind, warm & helpful group of people. Thank you very much" ”

    A. B.
  • “Dear Eddie, My sisters and I deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and support before and during Dad's funeral. Your service to the Atlanta Jewish Community is a mitzvah. Thank you so much, ”

    See Hand Written Note

    F. I.
  • “Eddie, just wanted to thank your staff for all the advice, assistance and excellent service they provided to the family of. Having attended many funerals and burials, I already knew, but this was my first meeting and working with Alisa and David, and I cannot say enough about how professional and wonderful they are. Thank you, as well, for your extra work with, who was so appreciative.”

    P. G.
  • “I want to thank you again for all you have done to help with my mother's arrangements. You have been nothing short of wonderful.”

    M. L.
  • “"Eddie, I also want to thank you & all the staff at Dressler's for your kindness during a difficult time. The service was very nice. I appreciate your efforts. Sincerely," ”

    See Hand Written Note

    D. S.
  • “"Better than GREAT, a funeral care service could not be more professional and maintain a very high degree of service."”

    A B
  • “"One phone call and everything was taken care of. Excellent support for the entire process. I have used Dressler's before. As always the entire staff made a difficult time, easier."”

    T. N.
  • “"Thank you for handling everything so smoothly and accepting the prepayment from the FL funeral home. I couldn't have coordinated everything myself." ”

    L. D.
  • “"Thank you for compassionate understanding in a time of need."”

    B S
  • “"In this time of Covid-19, thank you for your service. Dressler's always conducted their services in a respectful efficient manner. Thank you for serving the Atlanta Jewish Community and thank you for your recent care of my father."”

    R S
  • “"I was very pleased with the responsiveness and professionalism of Dressler's" ”

    J E
  • “"Dear Mr. Dressler, I'm writing to express my thanks for the expeditious manner in which your organization is dealing with [.....] my nephew [....]. It is a great comfort to know this sad task is in such capable hands."”

    G K
  • “”

    See Hand Written Note

    T E
  • “Eddie & Kate were very effective and reassuring in both their emails + phone calls. Very grateful to you for making a difficult situation a bit easier. ”

    D L
  • “”

    See Hand Written Note

    E L
  • “”

    See Hand Written Note

    L K
  • “Eddie, with a moment to breathe, I want to thank you (on behalf of myself and my siblings) for the incredible attention and care with which you helped us deal with Mom's death this past week. You were incredibly responsive and sensitive (as we knew you would be) and made the process as easy as it could be. And your team was wonderful at the funeral and following up with the recordings and Zoom information. As I have told you, we consider you a gift to our community. Shabbat Shalom”

    E E
  • “Dear Dressler Staff: This is to express our heartfelt appreciation for the care and thoughtfulness your entire staff provided for our family in the aftermath of our dear brother's sudden passing. We were impressed with your thorough and professional handling of the arrangements you made with efficiency, humanity, and care. ”

    J B
  • “Eddie, thanks to you and your staff for making a difficult few days more bearable. The two gentlemen who retrieved my mom's body were thoughtful and compassionate, and you and your staff facilitated a very meaningful graveside service. Thank you on behalf of myself and my entire family. ”

    J G
  • “I just wanted to let you know what a moving and stunning experience this was presented to me. Your most kind-hearted and sincerely committed shomer, please forgive me for not getting his full name, was so loving, so explanatory, so patient, and so open to what was presented to me. He worked to make us comfortable knowing that he had performed all acts of loving-kindness possible in his spiritual heart. Thank you, Eddie. You and yours are admirable. ”

    A M
  • “From the first phone call until the final time we visited with you to pick up the death certificates, your organization made a horrific family situation just a little more tolerable by being courteous, informative, helpful, sympathetic, prompt, knowledgeable, and most importantly, a welcome relief that this was one aspect we did not have to worry about. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ”

    D and L K
  • “Dear Mr. Dressler, I am writing to express my thanks for the expeditious manner your organization is dealing with the mortal remains of my nephew. It is a great comfort to know this sad task is in such capable hands. ”

    G K
  • “Dear Mr. Dressler, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and all Dressler's Jewish Funeral Care staff for all the assistance in preparing the arrangements for the funeral and the burial ceremony for our beloved wife, mother, and grandmother. We truly appreciate your support during a very difficult time, both personally and emotionally. Thank you for honoring all of our requests and being sensitive to our needs. We are so touched by your expression of sympathy and donating to Jewish National Fund in memories. Thank you for all your support, compassion, and generosity. ”

    See Hand Written Note

    A & Z Families
  • “Dear Mr. Dressler, Thank you and your staff for all you have done with my husband’s passing. You and your staff were exceptional and so compassionate.”

    M. Z.
  • “To Eddie Dressler & Staff, As I have just recently celebrated what would have been my mother's 98th birthday, I want to thank all of you. I appreciate the efficiency, professionalism, and assistance - both before during, and after the funeral. The process was simple and stress-free because of you. I had great confidence in you, and greatly appreciate your patience and kindness throughout the process. I join the Atlanta Jewish Community in being fortunate to have your services during these difficult milestones we all must face. Thank you again from my family and myself. I hope you will remain healthy and safe, Fondly - ”

    See Hand Written Note

    I. B.
  • “Eddie, "Just a note to thank you and your staff for a "Gold Standard" experience. My sister and I will always be grateful that you were about to assist us during our time of need. You and your staff gave us peace of mind early on. Thank you for taking one of the most stressful experiences of our lives and managing the process to perfection. We appreciate all of your diligence and efforts. Sincerely, ”

    D.H. J.H. M.S. J.S.
  • “Dear Eddie- I want to express to you and all your staff at Dressler's how pleased and thankful we are for the care, respect, and important ritual you have provided us. Thank you for allowing us to have a beautiful and meaningful service for a beautiful woman whose life was filled with meaning. From the post-midnight arrival of your associates to the final guest who departed yesterday, your unobtrusive constancy was a reassuring platform for our needs. Thank you, ”

    D. B.
  • “My wife and I decided to pre-pay our burial expenses so our children wouldn't have to deal with it when our respective times come. Since we are Jewish, Dressler's seemed to be the logical choice for us. Helen Diamond and Eddie Dressler were very helpful, warm and caring. We made the right choice and our kids really appreciated our thoughtfulness in doing this. ”

    T & N U.
  • “Eddie and company, thank you for your expeditious service and care, you handled our mother's passing as well. Anthony Tobin is beyond words, PLEASE share with him that we are so grateful that he was there after the service to tell us of his presence to ensure all was done according to Jewish Law. He does what he does with character and honor, beyond a mensch! ”

    M. K.
  • “When my Mom moved here from Miami at the age of 86, I knew I had to speak with someone to make plans for her future services. She was in good health at the time and we enjoyed 10 years of time together here in Atlanta and when she passed - because of our pre-planning with Helen Scherrer Diamond - my family and I could focus in on celebrating our time with my Mom and be at peace that all the necessary arrangements were already made and the team at the funeral home stepped in and took over. Helen has a true heart and the knowledge for making it simple for loved ones when a family member physically leaves us. My family truly appreciates all the help from Helen, and we strongly suggest doing all your pre-planning before an emotional loss. I have pre-planned my personal arrangements and now I do not have to think about it and my children won't either. Thank you, Helen.”

    M. C.
  • “"They did both of my parents funerals and did an excellent job. Very kind and professional at such a hard time."”

    Private Comment
  • “The lady who transported my dads coffin from GA to High Point, N.C. (March 5, 2023) was very professional. She kindly spoke to me at the cemetery and she was very nice about everything. She offered even to be a pallbearer if needed but the rabbi had taken care of that. Thank you for handling this matter the right way.”

    M. F.
  • “Very efficient and professional organization and staff.”

    J M
  • “Thank you for your thoughtful consideration at my time of need.”

    P J
  • “Eddie Dressler and all of the folks from Dressler Funeral Care were so kind and compassionate, treating every discussion and question with kindness and care. ”

    S R
  • “I am writing to thank you for how kind you were and how wonderfully well the funeral for my niece. I would also like to commend the shomer Mr. Anthony Tobin. Ms. Mahaly was kind enough to arrange for me to come and sit with my niece and pray for her on Saturday night. Mr. Tobin was absolutely the most kind, sensitive, thoughtful, and perfect man to greet me and allow me to sit...I can’t say enough about how helpful and kind he is. Thank you again on behalf of my whole family. ”

    T. B.
  • “Eddie, I am writing to express our deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation for the invaluable help and support you provided to our family during the passing of my aunt. In a time of immense grief and emotional turmoil, you stepped in with remarkable professionalism and compassion to handle every aspect of the funeral arrangements and burial. Your dedication and attention to detail were incredible, easing our burden and allowing us to focus on the memories we shared of her. Your expertise in coordinating all the necessary logistics, from when you removed her lifeless body and gave her a respectful and dignified treatment according to our Jewish laws to the arrangements you made with the Rabbi and becoming a liaison with the Arlington Cemetery, went above and beyond our expectations. Your guidance and patience were invaluable as we navigated the challenging decisions and emotional difficulties that families often face. Your calm and compassionate demeanor helped alleviate our stress and anxiety, allowing us to find solace during this trying time. I am profoundly grateful for your remarkable assistance and how you helped us honor her memory with dignity and respect. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your invaluable contributions. Your dedication to your role as a funeral director and everyone’s personal touch in your organization is exemplary, and your compassion is truly a blessing. We are forever grateful for the kindness and support you extended to us during this challenging period. With the deepest appreciation, ”

    D.M. & R.K.
  • “"My business partner's grandmother passed away...their entire family and I want to express our immense gratitude to Dressler's Funeral Care for your incredible care and attention! You have wonderful associates. Dennis was the driver who showed just incredible care. Anthony was the person who stayed with her for many hours and ready prayers until her burial. Once again, a huge thanks..." - The K Family”

    D. G.
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