Casket prices (when Pre-paying):

C85 Moses Solid Walnut, High Polished Natural Walnut Finish, Almond Velvet Interior. $9,600
C81 Mahogany Mahogany red. Eggshell velvet. $8,900
C72 Moriah Solid Cherry Urn Corners, Polished Colonial Finish, Almond Velvet Interior. $4,295
C34 Joseph Solid Poplar, Satin Peach/shaded Finish, Rosetone Crepe Interior. $3,295
C55 Oak Matte finish, Rosetan crêpe, Solid Oak. $2,995
C48 Dunfield Solid Oak, Polished Autumn Brown, Rosetan Crepe Interior. $2,895
C38 Miriam Solid Poplar, Apricot Finish, Orchid Crepe Interior. $2,695
C31 Rosh Poplar, Walnut Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior. $2,395
C27 Almond Solid Poplar, Dull Brown Finish, Rosetone Crepe. $2,095
C18 Shem Pine, unfinished pine wood, bamboo linwood weave interior. $1895
C22 Dan Solid Poplar, Light Brown Matt Finish, Ivory Crepe Interior $1595
C17 Ira Flat-top, no stain Poplar with handles and interior fabric $1,395
C15 Nahum Flat-top Unfinished Pine with Handles (no interior fabric or padding). $1,250
C14 Orthodox Flat-top Unfinished Pine (No handles, no interior fabric or padding). $1,095
C88 Concord

Special Order, limited availability. Solid Walnut, Polished Walnut Finish, Beige Linen Interior.


Prices applicable when establishing a pre-paid account

The above caskets contain no metals.